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About Joe's

  • Joe's Body Shop, located in Fairbank, PA has been a family owned and operated Auto Repair business for over fifty three years. Serving the Southwestern Pennsylvania area from the very same location that Joe's Dad (Joe Sr.) and Uncle first started the business back in 1957.

    Today, young Joe Ciarrocchi, who grew up in this business has now grown it into one of the best Towing and Full Service Auto Repair facilities in the Tri-State area.

    In addition to their high profile towing record they can service and repair just about everything there is to repair on your auto. From routine mechanical work and state inspections performed by certified auto technicians, to complete collision and auto body paint and repairs.

    Joe's Body Shop and Towing also offers and maintains a large inventory of pre-owned parts from their salvage yard business.

    With their current track record and long history in the same location you can be sure your getting an "Honest" evaluation on a repair quote BEFORE, you spend your money.

    So, if your looking for someone you can trust to handle all your car-care needs, you just have to call Joe's Body Shop and Towing.

Good Neighbor

  • You don't get to operate your businss in the same location for over fifty-three years without being a "Good Neighbor" and that's exactly what Joe's Body Shop and Towing has been.

    Joe Ciarrocchi knows his neighbors and they know him. Whether it is participating in the Toys for Children programs with the State Police, inviting over a hundred customers, vendors and neighbors to a FREE Christmas party at his own expense or handing out Free Redstone Chocolate Christmas Candy to much of the same people, Joe knows the value of appreciation when it comes to his community.

    In regards to the "Christmas" Joe, members of his staff and friends have been buying and installing a "Giant" evergreen pine tree, in the center of downtown Fairbank every year, wihtout fail since 1967!

    This kind of dedication and loyalty can only result in the most trusted and dependable auto services you can expect to get, anywhere at anytime.

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Employment Opportunities

  • Joe's Body Shop and Towing is an equal opportunity employer that offers a wide range of positions for skilled and experienced Auto related personnel. If you are an Auto Technician, CDL Licensed Driver or Auto Body Professional, Joe's Body Shop & Towing pays according to yur skill set and offers benefits just not found by our competition.

    So, if your looking for a friendly inviroment with a company that has been around for a long time then please consider applying to work for Joe's.

    Simply contact us and someone will return your inquirey wihtin 24 hours.

  • About Joe's | Good Neighbor | Testimonials | Employment